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Find Qualified Candidates With Bilingual Skills

Hiring an employee that is bilingual can be a necessity depending on the industry. Even if it isn’t a mandatory aspect of the job position, having multiple languages is a highly desirable trait that adds immeasurable quality to your company. How do you hire bilingual talent that can efficiently communicate oral and written french and english without a bilingual interviewer? Simple answer, you can’t.

Ray Martin has been reviewing and hiring qualified Bilingual candidates for over 20 years in the highly-competitive Toronto market. His experience allows him to instantly validate communication skills of potential candidates.


Let Us Filter Out Bad Candidates

Many candidates who self-identify as bilingual may only speak colloquial French – while comprehension and conversational skills are extremely important, proper syntax and grammar are integral to business communication. Ray Martin is fully fluent in both English and French, which is a fundamental aspect for recruiting, and most importantly distinguishing between casual and professional language skillsets.

Effective assessments evaluate communication, comprehension and go above and beyond simple language proficiency – your candidates must be able to fluently communicate within your industry seamlessly between both languages. Ray Martin’s assessments are consistently proven, fact-based, and scientifically designed. Trust the Spartadia Recruit methodology to assess your bilingual candidates.

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