14 Jan Describing Yourself and Being Memorable

Strike an emotional chord when describing your businessHave you ever been in the position of having to tell someone what your company does – or what you do – and not being sure what to say?

I have. At Qualifirst we sell a very wide range of products to a wide range of types of customers and this is not always easy to explain.

I answer by saying, we sell mustard, vinegar, capers, condiments, new age grains, chocolate, oils and many other products. Then I either get a blank stare or I scare the other person away.

Explaining what we do:

So I have been working on a more interesting and less overwhelming response and have come up with this:

“We don’t specialize in a particular type of food. What we do specialize in is finding the absolute best examples of a number of different foods from around the world.  If you go into any food shop there are thousands of cheese crackers you can buy, but the truth is most of these aren’t really that good. But there are a few that are incredible, and that is what our strength is. We search around the world and we bring the best of the best of all of these products. Gourmet chocolate is a huge area. You can go into gourmet stores and find many brands of chocolates. But there is one brand of chocolate that blows the others out of the water, and that is the one that we bring in. We look for that in every type of food we import”

Fine food is always a great conversation topic and this is one way of explaining what we do.

Strike an emotional chord:

The challenge in describing your work or your company is to make it memorable, and the way to do this is to connect with someone emotionally. People don’t remember facts, but they do remember feelings.

When I talk to people about food, I try to find out what really touches them. Is it a flavor or product from their hometown or home country? An ingredient that was used in cooking when they were a child? Or maybe they have a passion for something, like chocolate, or wine, or spices.

When I can connect something that we sell with something they love, that’s when my descriptions are memorable.

No matter what business you are in, you will have competitors. Some of these will be able to beat you on price, others on supply or variety.

But only you can create a unique connection to people. It requires some thought and it requires some listening, but this is where passion comes in.

We are passionate about food, and we know we can connect our passion with that of each and every customer.


How about you? I would be interested to find out what you tell your customer when they ask what you do.

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