16 Nov Racing to the Top & the Cost and Quality Cutting Game

“Respected brands that rushed to deliver low price at all costs had to figure out which corners to cut, and fooled themselves into thinking they could get away with it forever….If you’re going to need to work that hard at it, might as well put the effort into racing to the top instead.” Seth Godin

If you Google the term “grocery chains squeezing suppliers in Canada” you will find endless results.

Just one of these reads as follows: “Storm brewing as suppliers fight back against retailer pricing demands: Sobeys, Loblaw look to boost their margins by demanding price cutting measures from suppliers” (Canadian Grocer, February 5, 2014). See article here.

As Kyle Murray, director of the school of retailing at the University of Alberta, said, “In order to get prices low you have to do things in some cases, like replace cane sugar with corn syrup. Some of those things that may not be as obvious right away are also the result of pushing prices lower. There is some breaking point. You can’t just continue to lower your prices, you do have to start to change the product a little as well.” (Global News, April 6, 2014.) See article here.

You, as a consumer, have no guarantee that the product you purchase today is the same one you purchased and liked six months ago. Manufacturers react to pricing pressure from grocery chains and are often forced to modify their products accordingly, even without noticeable changes to the packaging.

Qualifirst does not play this squeeze game.

If a supplier imposes conditions on us that would force us to compromise quality, we simply refuse to deal with that company.

It may mean we sell less, but it also means we don’t compromise our values.

Not only do we refuse to compromise our quality but we are in fact always trying to increase it, by doing constant product research and visiting trade shows.

This short video of Qualifirst CEO Yves Farges at the October 2014 SIAL trade show in Paris is a good example of how we are always working hard to race to the top.

Qualifirst will never play the cost and quality cutting game.

We always strive to be the place where professionals and consumers alike can come to find the extraordinary and be amazed.

You can be confident that Qualifirst will always live up to its commitment to spread our passion for food by delivering ever better products to our customers.

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