The First Hundred Days
The first hundred days of an employee’s tenure is a critical time.

Smart-Sourcing the Business
The fixed item called employee costs collectively represents one of the biggest expenses a business of any size can incur.

Hire the Right People
A business that reflects its core values and passions not only has a much greater chance of succeeding, but it will also make everyone involved happier.

Hire Employees You Can Coach
It is important to find and hire the kind of people who can be coached.

Encouraging Self-Starters
Self-starters pick themselves to be on the team—they don’t wait to be chosen. These people naturally rise to the top and emerge as leaders.

Developing Shared Responsibility
Making the transition from a “group of individuals” to a functioning team is a major undertaking, one that requires constant supervision and refinement.

Defining the jobs
If jobs aren’t clearly defined, every employee will automatically look good. Although that might sound ideal at first glance, it’s not.

Bonus as a Measuring Stick
When done well, a bonus scheme is a great motivational and compensation tool, but the system has to be based on something more substantial than a vague set of criteria.