07 Oct Put Better Systems In Place Through Inner Solutions

Solutions often lie within ourselvesThis Friday the Vancouver team had one of the best meetings ever, as it served to introduce the job description for inside sales that we developed together.

As I described in my two most recent blogs about Job Descriptions and Job Clarity, we have been conscientiously working to clarify and define jobs at Qualifirst, and this presentation, given by Jodi was an outstanding result of that work.

This is a great example of the fact that the type of solution often lies within us, and is just waiting for us to look in the right place.

Finding Solutions within ourselves:

I am confident that everyone at Qualifirst is capable of finding solutions, since the first place to look for them is within yourself.

This is the starting point.

Then, if or when you need help from team members, you can go to them not just with the problem but also with the solution you think is best.

In previous blogs I have talked about how we provide our customers with solutions to their problems. That is how we are effective at what we do. It’s by solving problems.

Internally within the company, I recognize there are things that happen occasionally that are not done properly or that could be done better.

Sometimes customers send us questions that we are unsure how to answer, and so we seek someone else’s opinion and input.

Ask Yourself First:

In both cases, my recommendation is that before you go to ask someone, it is first necessary to stop and ask yourself what you think should be done.

Every individual who works at a company must understand the business and what the company is capable of.

Suggesting solutions to challenges is extremely important to the future of any company and will ultimately result in a change and an improvement in the way things are done.

But it has to start with you.

Put better systems in place:

I encourage my team members to bring solutions and attach their opinions to situations that require approval. I encourage them to take a stand and support that opinion, even if it seems contrary or confrontational. When a team starts doing this consistently, it enables the company to put better systems in place.

Thinking, questioning and forming opinions: these ultimately put the decision process back into the hands of team members themselves.

Every one of my team members is capable of arriving at the right answer. Each person has a strong sense of our business and what is right for the company and for each individual customer.

So I regularly remind my team to show a consistent demonstration of this. When we work together at creative thinking, it sets the stage for even greater latitude.

Weekly Quote:

Listen, listen, and listen some more.

“The best way to look for a solution is to interview as many people as possible, particularly people in critical process areas,” counsels Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn.
Let me go and see the people who are in charge of the process or around this process, interview them and ask, ‘What’s wrong? What do you think is wrong? How can you fix it?’” Ghosn talked to hundreds of people inside the company as he formulated his turnaround plan, and identified purchasing and overcapacity as critical weaknesses.
— Source Stanford Business Website 

Nissan represents one of the greatest business turnarounds of all time.

Carlos Ghosn engineered the greatest corporate turnaround in history by looking within for the answers.

He did this in one year, and helped the company emerge from 27 years of decline and $20 billion of debt.

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