16 Dec Forget everything you know for 100 days

new-hires-100-days“They go rogue creating new or more work for themselves than needed”.

This was a team member’s answer when discussing the mistakes a new employee can make.

This quotation struck a chord with me, since I think that it addresses the number one reason why many new management hires have not succeeded at Qualifirst Foods. Creating more work for oneself is an exercise in empowerment and freedom, and as attractive as these things sound, enjoying empowerment and freedom before they are earned can be a recipe for failure.

That’s a piece of knowledge that most new age leadership gurus forget to mention.

The First 100 Days

During the first 100 days of employment, a manager of a new hire must be very clear about what needs to be done.

The tasks and responsibilities need to be written down on paper. If they are not on that paper, they do not get talked about. If they are not on that piece of paper there is a good reason why they are not there.

During the first 100 days a new hire needs to forget what s/he knows and instead trust the learned company knowledge.


Company Knowledge & what do not work:

For example, at Qualifirst, we know :

  • traditional marketing does not work for us.
  •  advertising does not work at all for us.
  • press releases do not work for us.
  • trade shows do not work for us.

We have spent enough money over the years to test and confirm these facts.

Although these techniques might work for others, we know that for us they are all just short cuts that give us the illusion of making progress. The only marketing that works for us at Qualifirst is in reaching out directly to people one-by-one.

We know who our customers and prospects are; and those that we don’t know we can find quickly through intelligent web research.

If we have to prove these facts over and over again with every new hire we bring on board, then we will never get around to the proper training – to cover the things that we know need to get done.

Implementing the RSTMM system:

We have decided to implement a system called RSTMM.

RSTMM is a product of the Corporate Consulting Management Group, which we believe will deliver a solution to this problem. RSTMM is an approach to building business success through people. The letters stand for:

  • Recruit a pool of top candidates, adding both quality and quantity.
  • Select the right person for the right job.
  • Train them to do “the job” and raise production.
  • Manage them well; and
  • Motivate them to reach goals and increase profit.

What we have learned is that management control over an individual needs to start at a high level, and personal autonomy is earned as company knowledge is acquired. That is the growth control relationship.

Management control need to start very high and Autonomy is earned as company knowledge is acquired

To be able to successfully bring on new team members at every level of responsibility is a challenge that we are facing and for which we are now finding proven solutions. 

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