30 Dec Great Food Creates Moments of Happiness

great food creates great moments of happinessOne of the greatest things about the holiday season is that it is a time to enjoy excellent food.

It is common to every faith and every culture.

Great food, both in its preparation and consumption is one of the best ways to create special moments and happy memories. It is social, it is sensory, and it is satisfying. And eating those same foods again can help relive those memories.

Strong Food Memories:

One of my strongest food-memories, connected to my first trip to France with my mother, to visit my grandmother, is of a veal chop fried in butter with wild thyme from the south of France. I also remember a trip to Morocco where we visited my mother’s uncle, enjoying pita bread cooked in a pan over a wood fire. My first taste of a great apricot jam, of fresh squeezed orange juice, of foie gras, and of capers, all bring back happy moments that are frozen in time. I re-live them every time I eat these foods.

This is one of the reasons why people like to have the same holiday meal every year: so that each year not only allows for enjoyment of the moment, but also allows for a sensory visitation of past holidays.

All brought to life by food.

Memory-Making Food is Special:

For many, the meals enjoyed during a holiday feast consist of foods that we don’t get to eat often, either being hard-to-find, or costly, or simply rich and luxurious. The special nature of these products is another factor that helps bring about pleasure and memories.

At Qualifirst, we realize that this special memory-making potential is one of the highly valuable add-on benefits of what we do.

Not only are our products eminently enjoyable in the moment, their unique and special qualities go far to embed special memories for years to come – more so, perhaps than we can imagine.

Our Contribution Pride:

I would like to take this moment to wish all of our readers a happy festive season, as well as a happy new year. As the members of the Qualifirst team enjoy the meals they share with their own families and friends this season, they can each be proud of our contribution – helping our customers, and their customers create that special holiday memory that only one of our products can bring.

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