19 Aug Investing in Hiring

hiring for sucessIf hiring looks so easy why is it actually so difficult?

If training a new person is so easy why don’t we do it better?

Every time we hire a manager who does not work out it costs Qualifirst about $90,000 to $150,000 in hard cost and much more in lost potential.

It’s a well-known fact that hiring a new employee on any level always costs money, but generally this is recouped when that new person starts to deliver value through their expertise and progress.

But incorrect hiring just loses money. It’s as simple as that.

Working with Brett Henyon:

This is a problem that we decided we had to solve as part of our commitment to our team and our customers.

As such we made it a top priority, and we invited Brett Henyon to help us.

We have worked with Brett for a year now,  he has a proven system that has helped many companies, including some that are much larger than us, such as the large global realtor Keller-Williams, that came to Henyon Consulting when they were medium sized and struggling with how to grow.

Brett is an expert in helping team members understand the importance of the relationship between people and the jobs, which is one of our central themes.


In his presentation, held at the Qualifirst offices, Brett reinforced the notion that every employee should be able to feed back to the leadership team, to tell us what we are, or are not doing well.

He also confirmed our approach of ensuring that employees’ own personal goals should be tied to the goals of the company.

“Everyone,” he said, “is recruiting for the company,” just by being who they are.

Every hire should be a correct hire:

Investing in Brett is just one of the many steps we have taken to help ensure that every hire is a correct hire.

The leadership team has also been travelling, taking courses, and investing time and resources in order to learn how to better lead our existing team and how to properly bring on new successful team members.

The effort we put into the hiring process is there to ensure every person is hired on the strength of who they are, as opposed to specific achievements listed on their résumé. It’s a challenging process and not without risk.

But we have made great progress and have reached a stage where I personally am confident we have the tools needed to find, hire, train and motivate good people. I feel this is an important achievement that will open the door to tremendous growth.

We’re doing this as part of our commitment to our team and to our customers, so that we can all grow as people, and as a consequence help the company grow as well.

Weekly Quote:

There is four-letter word you should never use. This word is hard. Nothing is hard or difficult, it just “not easy yet”.

― Brett Henyon

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