02 Sep Investing in our Inventory

Qualifirst buys whole container to keep the prices lowUp until three years ago the arrival of a shipping container full of product from a single supplier was a rare event.

Now we receive containers on a regular basis into both Toronto and Vancouver.

In recent posts I have focused on people and technology, two major support columns of the Qualifirst business model, and here I would like to explore the third: food.

The revenue that we have generated as an increasingly successful company in these past three years has allowed us to buy products in larger quantities, and has also empowered us to access the extra warehouse space required to store it.

Together, these achievements mean that we save on product while exploring exciting possibilities that until recently were out of reach.

Harnessing Rising Trends:

Specifically, we have been able to grow into three major categories relating to trends in Gluten-Free, Mixology, and Olive Oil.

All three of these categories have gone from almost no sales to being a very important part of overall sales. The graphic below represents projected market shares of Gluten-Free porducts:

As such they represent a key element of our growth strategy here at Qualifirst; one that never strays from our core values and our passion for great food products.

New opportunities and trends will continue to make themselves available to us in the coming years, and our team of dedicated foodies – warehouse foodies, administrative foodies and management foodies, will ensure that we locate and deliver the best that the world has to offer.

Building on these three pillars: people, technology and products means that the success we’re seeing now is just the beginning of some amazing things to come at Qualifirst!

Weekly Quote:

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”

― Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

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