29 Jul New Packaging

great packaging is part of the gourmet food customer experienceSelling to retail stores has always been an important part of our business.

Our Vancouver office was a pioneer in Canadian retail in British Columbia and Alberta, being the first to sell Perrier, back when it was shipped in big wooden crates.

We also introduced Lindt into Western Canada.

Qualifirst has always been active in helping consumers enjoy new food experiences – it’s just one of the ways we share the knowledge that we have gained through the years. And although Perrier and Lindt chocolates are now commonplace, there was a time when these were considered exotic.

Today, we focus more and more on brands that we own and control, since this allows us more leverage in the marketing and selling experience. We have introduced new brands and new packaging as part of our retail strategy. They offer our quality products in bright modern packaging at the right cost and in the right size, which he have determined is exactly what our customers want.

Gourmet Food is an overall experience:

Some retailers and food manufacturers tend to forget that a customer’s food experience does not start and end with the act of eating or drinking.

A food brand needs to connect on levels other than taste and texture to be successful. That is why packaging, presentation and delivery are so important. They contribute to an overall experience – the ease of purchase, the tangible pleasure of the presentation, the price point, the atmosphere and quality of service of the seller, reputation, friends’ endorsements, anticipation, the memory – these are all psychological influences that contribute to a food product’s success.

We have learned from some of the world’s great chefs, restaurateurs and branding experts. We have watched products succeed and we have watched others fail. We have taken note of all of these things and we have shared them with everyone on the Qualifirst team.

As the Qualifirst reputation and brand continues to grow, our customers, both new and old continue to look to us as a source of reliable and premium food sensations. This is one of the reasons for the creation of the WoW discovery basket. It allows for a tangible experience that contributes to ongoing loyalty and commerce.

We are wholly confident that our own brands will remain in at the top of our customers’ shopping lists going forward. Their combination of value and quality allow us to create the best possible customer experience, and equally importantly, they support and reflect our passion.

Weekly Quote:

“I knew at that moment that I was going to cut back on my expenses and that things were going to change. But you know the one thing I won’t stop doing is getting to Zara on the first Tuesday of every month. They have such cool stuff and that’s the day that all the new things arrive. I’m not going to give up on that!”

– Robin Lewis, Michael Dart, The New Rules of Retail: Competing in the World’s Toughest Marketplace

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