03 Dec Picasso: Knowledge before Creativity

Most people think of Picasso as an artist who created strange paintings in which people’s eyes are both on the same side of their face, and whose mouths are crooked.

It’s easy to assume that anyone could have drawn such a picture.

It appears to be more child’s play than sophisticated art.

But when you look at Picasso’s early work, it is clear that before turning to abstract, he first mastered the art of representing reality perfectly, both in a painting as well as in preliminary sketches. Only after he had learned how to draw perfectly could he start breaking the rules of composition. With his demonstrated skill and knowledge of anatomy, texture and lighting, he was able to get creative, putting his own distinctive take on things.

Mastering the Basics before moving on:

Although most of us do not have the creative genius of Picasso, his principle of mastering the basics before moving on to more creative interpretations applies equally well to the workplace. For example at Qualifirst, it is important for any employee – at any level – who is interested in succeeding, to first understand how we do things here.

This is something I only fully realized a few weeks ago after analyzing very closely why some new employees succeed, and others, who initially seemed like good hires, do not.

It is critical that all new members of the Qualifirst Team understand our attitudes and beliefs as quickly as possible. We all need to understand the “Qualifirst Way”. This is critical because our company’s success has come to us by doing many things differently than most other companies. We are a unique company with a unique approach.

I have asked our existing team members to help me add the description of the Qualifirst Way to the manual we give all new employees.

Easier and Quicker Success:

For new team members, I have promised to deliver training that provides a full understanding of what it means to work here: how we do things, our attitude towards our customers, our attitude towards new products, our attitude towards every aspect of our business, and the way we operate as a company. By fully immersing our new team members in this approach, we will be able to put them in a position where their success is easier and comes more quickly.

Surrounded by a team that fully understands how the company operates, each employee, old and new, will be able to bring their creativity and ideas forward in a way that both fits with the Qualifirst way of doing things, and as well, helps us evolve in new directions.

I have invited all team members to identify what they consider to be the do’s and don’ts of working here. This feedback will be added to the “Company Knowledge” document as a resource we can all share.

More to come…

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