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The hardest part of your business is going to become the easiest


The Challenge

Over 75% of new hires fail. Hiring is the single biggest critical issue of small to medium business. Yet hiring is seen as a secret recipe to most executives so they delegate the entire process and make no effort to understand it.
Today, hiring is still at the pre-scientific stage, where hiring is based on minimal information and gut feelings. When hiring your gut is going to be wrong almost every single time.
Current hiring practices are a type of Voodoo hiring where a series of meaningless actions are performed and then we miraculously expect the right candidate to appear.
If you turn to traditional recruiting agencies you are no better off. The reality is most recruiting agencies focus on getting paid rather than finding you the right person.
The truth is current hiring practices may lead to 25% success in larger companies, but in smaller companies the success rate of current hiring practices much lower and close to zero for non-entry level positions.

The Solution

So how can Spartadia-Recruit make the hardest part of the business the easiest?

  • First we take the mystery out of defining the job.
  • Second we help you with the interview process to help you select the right person
  • Third we give you the tools you need to make sure your new hire succeeds

Most job searches are done with little understanding of the job requirements. Defining the job properly takes discipline and following a specific process that no one, not even most recruiting agencies bother with.
At Spartadia-Recruit, we use new technology and our advanced tools to guide you through the thinking process so you can give us a deep understanding of the job requirements.
Most current job searches are for a perfect fictional character that would not be interested in the job even if they could be found.


The Scientific Method

At Spartadia-Recruit, take into account the current scientific knowledge of personality and look for traits that can easily be found in the same person. We search for people with a personality than can readily be found and we make sure your candidates have the experience and character traits that you will need in your new hire.
The current method of selecting candidates to interview with only a resume is a long arduous and expensive process, as a resume reveals very little about a person.

The Right Fit

At Spartadia-Recruit, we ask the question “Why would the candidate want to work for you?” and we design our entire search around that. We look at the candidates’ answers to questions specifically designed for your job posting, we administer an unbreakable personality assessment the Spartadia 6 that is based on the latest scientific research and we also have the candidates perform a non-verbal problem solving test.
Good new hires often fail is because qualified candidates are hired, but then the job is not properly defined which means they are not held accountable to specific outcomes. So they start out eager and then give up and quit, or worse stop working and wait to be fired.
At Spartadia-Recruit, we use our advanced tools to guide you through the hiring process after you have selected the candidate you want to hire. Our process determines the appropriate pay to offer and then you can use our tools to create your internal job description and a 100 day success plan for your new hire.

The Finalists

So how does Spartadia-Recruit make the hardest part of the business the easiest?
We are a open-contract, completely transparent recruiting agency with a process that lets the candidates know you are the employer, so they are eager to become a part of your team. They want to work for YOU before you even talk to them.
We have a easy to use tools in place so you don’t have to think about how our sites works. We guide you through the thinking process and you actually get finalist candidates delivered.
We coach you through the interview process with the screened pre qualified candidates. So you start creating a bond during the hiring process greatly increasing your chance of a successful hire.

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