05 Jan The set of rules that sets up a candidate for success

Chess rules creates an infinite number of possibilitiesThe game of chess has a great many rules designed to offer up a challenging, yet enjoyable game through a wide range of possible outcomes.

What can two people do with a chess set if they don’t know the rules?  Not much at all! It’s actually the rules that make the game possible.

The different pieces are given distinctive ways to travel and fight, and the challenge of the game is to succeed by factoring these restrictions into a strategy.

Job Descriptions and Chess:

There is a parallel here between the specific actions given to chess pieces and the specific actions written into job descriptions, for it is the bounded territory of the job description that sets up the candidate for success.

A good candidate may have a wide-ranging set of skills overall, but only a specific set of these skills should stay in focus in order to achieve success. 

The job description is the set of rules that not only sets up the candidate for success but actually makes success possible. It represents the intersection of the candidate’s skillsets and the needs of the company.

Rules create Freedom:

But in a strange twist, it is the rigidity of the job descriptions that provides an employee with the greatest freedom to grow.

This is because once an employee is fully familiarized with the defined roles and responsibilities of a specific job, this “known” becomes the norm, and its boundaries define where new experiences and skills can begin.

Unknown Grounds:

As a candidate becomes a member of the team and gains in knowledge and skills within the bounded domain of the job, s/he can gradually venture out of the domain of the job description into the unknown. 

At this point it is important to allow the individual to venture out into the unknown, but this must be done carefully and gradually – ideally with one foot staying on known territory while the other touches new, unknown ground. This direct experience slowly expands the individual’s boundary of the known as characterized by the job description, in a controlled fashion that is most beneficial to both the company and the person.

At Qualifirst, we are constantly working on our commitment to create clear job descriptions for each employee and future employee.

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