Spartadia Candidate Selection – Best Practices

  1. Schedule a screening interview.

The screening interview should be scheduled by sending an email that suggests 2 possible times, sells the candidate on the process, and includes a link to a video call meeting.

I have found that phone interviews do not do a very good job of screening candidates and that in person interviews take too long.  Video screening interviews are be the best , quickest and fairest way to conduct a short interview.  Laptops, tablets , smartphones and most computers are capable of conducting video calls.  I recommend using a tool like it allows you to send a link for the candiate to join the interview and avoids the usual start of call setup delays.  Zoom is free for calls up to 45min long.


  1. Conduct the screening interview. [ScreeningInterviewForm]  

-The screening interview should be short and to the point.  It should briefly cover a person’s, job history, education, hobbies and goals.  With one or two questions in each of these areas.

– The purpose of the screening interview is to get to know the candidate, decide if you want to move forward with this candidate, and if yes to sell on your process.

-If you are continuing, confirm your interest,  advise you will be sending a form for them to enter their references, and schedule your next meeting that will be a comprehensive interview.

– Make sure to use the Threat Of Reference Check ( Topgrading TORC ) and be clear that you will check all references before an offer is made.


  1. Conduct a comprehensive interview. [ Comprehensive interview ]

The comprehensive interview should be 75 to 90 minutes long. The candidates should be doing most of the talking.  You want to build a rapport, find out about work history, how the person likes to work and also find what goals your candidates have.

First start by creating rapport.  Start as far back as you can, this could be primary school for younger candidates and talk about a person’s early history for the first 30 minutes.  Remember to stay in control and do not let the candidate take over.  


Also remind the candidate that you will  check references ( TORC  ) and be clear that you will check all references before an offer is made.


For the first 30 minutes don’t even think about validating the person for the job it’s about creating a rapport and find out how they behave and what motivates them.


The first 30 minutes will set the stage for a very fruitful and insightful comprehensive interview, by creating rapport and giving you a better indication what you need to look for.


If at some point you decide this is not the right candidate then end the interview more quickly.


Schedule follow up interviews with others as needed


Once you have decided you want to hire the candidate schedule a  commitment interview


  1. Check the References:

I recommend using the  email based Reference check process, This pushes the responsibility for the reference check onto the candidate where it should be. The reality is that most people will not do reference checks and when references are the candidate’s responsibility they get done.  Phoning references is a later step in the process and only needs to be done before making an offer.


  1. Prepare for the commitment interview

-Prepare the material for the commitment interview with the Candidate:


Prepare the job offer you will be handing over  to the candidate


Create a Detailed job description  :

-Who the new hire will report to , ideally it should be the person conducting the interview

-The job mission/purpose


-Make a list of measurable Job Accountabilities (Specific Measures of Success) with a specific dates of when the skill and action is expected to have been mastered


Plan the onboarding process and the first 100 days of training

This document should include:

-The company mission, vision and goals

-The organizational charts

-Procedures that they will need to use

-The training calendar

-What they need to know about your company to succeed

-career paths in the company for them

-people stories from the company, ideally a Bio of each team member.


-Create a clear set of expectations with specific dates


  1. Conduct Commitment Interview

-Create Rapport:  Thank the candidate for coming

-Review an concerns from the referance check, terminate the process is any concerns arise.

-Present your offer and explain the job including salary and perks.

-check for final objections: “So If i commit to what we discussed , would you do the job?

-Welcome the new hire to the team.

-Briefly go over the new hire success document and quickly go over the training calendar.