31 May Steps and Tools for Finding the Right Candidate

Advanced Recruitment Software

The usual routine when hiring someone is to put out an application, review a few resumes and then call back in the candidates. After the interview, you discuss them with upper management, decide on your finalist, give them a call and then start training. The issue with this standard hiring routine is that more than 75% of those recruits leave. For those in the human resources profession, upper management and the applicant, this is an unnecessary process. So, how do you make sure you’re hiring the right individuals, and using the right tools? Spartadia Recruitment has the perfect tips to make sure your position is filled by the perfect candidate.

Create the Most Accurate, Intriguing Job Post

A large problem for organizations is creating the right job posting. Often hiring managers will post a job posting that is  looking for specific experience and certain qualifications but, won’t accurately reflect the position those on the local job hunt are searching for. Spartadia offers a helpful job post survey as a service to help you create the most eye catching, descriptive post to help find the best candidate.

More Outlets the Better

By posting your job on as many outlets as possible you increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Make sure job searcher’s don’t miss your ad. Announcing your job on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, or using word of mouth also help increase your chances. With Spartadia, your jobs are always posted on the highest quality job sites like  Monster, Indeed and SimplyHired to make sure we find the most applicants.

Spartadia Recruitment helps your organization get the best out of your employees while making sure they are the most productive by using our advanced recruitment software and tools. Our services can help you detect problems in current employees, find new employees and increase their productivity which increases your bottom line. To find out more or get in touch with us, send  us an email at info@spartadia-recruit.com or fill out our online contact form.