21 Jul The Customer Journey

zooming in the problem we solve for our customerThese past four weeks the Qualifirst team has not seen much of me in the Toronto Office. I realized that time was running out and that we were not going to deliver on our strategy this year unless I made a radical change.

The radical change involved my decision to focus exclusively on marketing until it is detailed and complete enough to hand off for implementation by my team.

I need to zoom in on the Qualifirst Marketing Strategy so that it becomes complete enough to put into action. My goal is to have it finalized by August 15 so that it becomes reality in early September.

Zooming in on the details includes identifying and categorizing all the problems that we solve for our customers. After analyzing all the data it became clear the main problem that we solve for our customers – while it may seem obvious actually – is very revealing.

The Number One Problem that We Solve

The number one problem we solve for our business customers is their need to fill their establishment and increase revenue.

Although we already have a solid customer base, there are many organizations out there that are not yet Qualifirst customers because they haven’t identified this need and therefore have not yet connected the need back to us.

Potential customers can be at one of three stages in the journey to becoming a Qualifirst customer:

  1. They don’t know that they need quality. They still think it’s all about price.
  2. They know they need quality but they don’t know what to do about it.
  3. They know they need quality, they know what to do about it, and what they need next is the right partner.

Our main and best customers are those businesses who have identified and confirmed that gourmet quality and uniqueness drive more customers and generate more revenue.

Most leads that we convert to customers currently are already at stage 3 when we connect. They are already looking for the right partner or for a better partner.

I am urging my team to think about how powerful it would be if we could start bringing in prospects while they are still at stage 1 or stage 2 and then helping them arrive at stage 3 where they become our customers.

For this to work we need to solve the problems they encounter at stage 3, better than anyone else.

Stage 3 Problems

The problems we solve for our  customers at stage 3 are day-to-day problems. It’s basically “Service and Product.”

  • We provide top-quality service.
  • We deliver, quickly and conveniently, ensuring the safety of the products.
  • We are a one-stop gourmet  supplier. We make available the hard-to-find, trendsetting and modern products.
  • We offer a wide range of items that can be purchased in small quantities.
  • We only sell high quality, and we never compromise on quality.
  • We have high stock availability, meaning very few orders fall short.
  • We provide quick and convenient service.
  • Customers can trust our service and our quality.

These actions help solve the key problems that our customers and future customers face. We strive to solve these problems better than everyone else. That’s what helps us keep our customers and continue to grow.

Filling the Room

So I can clearly state we execute very well on the “Service and Product” concept; but if we are not helping our customers fill their establishments and create more revenue at the core, then we depend entirely on the passion that the current buyer has.

There are quite a few establishments that are already very good at filling the rooms; private schools for example. While we do sell to some private schools, they do not in general feel the need to offer gourmet quality and uniqueness to increase revenue . This is true, also, for hotels where food is not considered the primary draw; golf clubs (people come to golf); convention centres, and many other establishments that have other ways to bring in customers. These would not be the kinds of businesses that would see an immediate need for what Qualifirst offers.

This becomes a clear guideline for our sales team. The problem we solve best for our customers is the need to fill their establishment and increase revenue with gourmet food and uniqueness. This helps them identify the right prospects as well as avoid the wrong ones. How we get these right prospects to pick us comes back around to delivering the awareness that solving their problem will come from our service and our products.