08 Jun The Goalie Can’t Be the Only Player on the Team

Imagine a hockey team where every player stays in place, waiting for the puck to come to them. They don’t move around at all, yet when the opposing team scores, they all blame the goalie. Maybe the other players have good excuses: Skating takes work. It’s tiring. You work up a sweat. You can get hurt. It is so much easier just to blame the goalie.

Seriously, how long would a coach put up with a team like this? How many games would a team like this win?

Yet in many jobs and in many companies that’s what people do.

When you have a professional sports franchise that is losing most of its games, it doesn’t matter that all the individual players are still very talented and are actually trying their best. Usually it’s the same for the coach: good individual talent, bad situation. But that’s not what the fans see. When things look bad, they want change and they want it now.

Everyone understands that for a team to win, everyone must contribute.

Yet in many work situations, people tend to draw a circle around themselves and wait for the puck to come to them.

The Qualifirst Group has come a long way in the last 2 years. Today we are players who skate on the rink together. We are all much more engaged and effective, and everyone is doing their best to help the team win.

We have achieved this through hard work and with help from Brett Henyon and his Recruit, Select, Train and Motivate system. We should all congratulate ourselves on this progress.

The next step is to commit.

We all have to make sure to keep on nudging each other out of our circles and to keep on skating. Otherwise, the puck will just fly by. When you have doubt as to whether you are moving forward in the right direction, think of yourself as a player on a sports team and your instinct will guide you in the right direction. Remember, the goalie can’t be the only player on a winning team.

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