07 Sep The Marketing Project Revisited

Team members in the Qualifirst Toronto office have noticed that I have been working from home lately. This is the first time I have worked this extensively from home in the 20 years I have been with Qualifirst Foods.

The reason for this change in working styles is that I have an urgent need to execute on our strategy in order to make it happen. I have been working with consultants for over a year, but I realized recently the project was not on track and we were a year behind. I realized that I would have to do the work myself to attain the degree of detail needed for our marketing strategy to move forward again.

The only solution was for me to work from home for long uninterrupted periods, to force me to stretch myself and do the hard detail work. This is demanding labour that requires that I stare at a screen for an hour, and then slowly write out the details until I have a comprehensive document that someone else can act on. With this type of work, if I have any kind of interruption, I have to start over, and over again.

This project has taught me a great deal about focus, concentration and discipline. With the support of the entire team, I was able to fully concentrate on executing our strategy for continued growth. I was able to create over 20 documents that each would have taken me weeks to complete at the office. And I still have a few areas to work on.

It is times like this when the premium value of a team shines through – not only in their own dedicated, responsible efforts, but also in their support of my absence from the office. This is the type of teamwork that helps a company move forward. Every team member has my genuine gratitude and admiration.