08 Apr The Power of Story

the power of storytellingA few years ago, one of our outside sales representatives announced she was having great success attracting new customers by making them aware that Qualifirst is “The Oldest Canadian National Specialty Food Company”.

She tells her customers the story of how The Qualifirst Group first opened its doors in 1957 in Vancouver as Far-Met Importers, at a time when almost no one outside of Italy knew what balsamic vinegar was, the only salt was table salt, and olive oil was exotic.

The power of storytelling should never be overlooked.

People of all ages love to hear stories. Stories convey a sense of comfort that comes from childhood, and for busy adults they advertise a message that is easier to listen to and more pleasurable to retain than a feature sheet or sales pitch.

It is our story as much as our products that bring our customers to us. The value proposition we offer to them is “uncompromised quality in the traditional and innovative food products you need – when you need them – at competitive prices.” We back that promise up with 58 years of experience. That’s nearly six decades of watching innovative products like Dijon mustard and capers become traditional. We know where to buy the quality products and we know where to get the best prices.

We have been in business since 1957:

And we are the biggest “strictly fine food” company in Canada.

We have stayed true to our initial purpose and have not gone mass market. We still only sell real balsamic vinegar, as well as the best quality capers. We have refused to compromise our quality in order to grow. That is why customers come to us. They know that not only will we have the new innovative products; we will also only have the top quality products in every category.

Therefore, our promise to deliver “uncompromised quality in traditional and innovative food products” is more than just words. It is a six-decade-old story of excellence.

I feel that as a strategy, the Qualifirst team should plan to tell this story more and more in order to connect more deeply with customers and prospects, and ultimately, to reach our sales goal of $20M in 2017.

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