30 Jun The Ultimate Recruitment Tool

Advanced Recruitment Software

Finding a good employee that will stay for the long haul is tough in today’s economy.  There’s a tool that you can use to find employees that will stick around through tough weather. The Spartadia Recruitment software can help determine a candidate’s problem solving, listening and adaptability skills.

Spartadia Recruit provides your future applicants with a test that analyzes soft and hard skills. It’s administered through an online portal and the results are immediately accessible to the employer. This advanced recruitment software uses the most recent psychological research trends and takes all the guesswork out of finding a new recruit.

Skills Testing

What makes the tool so different is it’s non-verbal assessment test that exercises your candidates conflict resolution and observation skills. The applicant starts by searching through content looking for patterns and similarities with geometric shapes. The test detects problem areas, analyzes the time spent on each task and how they were able to find the correct response. As an employer, you can than learn from the application which candidates will work more efficiently and thoroughly.

Personality Testing

The next part of the assessment is a personality test. This test is different from every other test on the market because most tests let the candidate choose how they feel about certain personality traits on a scale from 1 to 10. What makes Spartadia special is the difference between ranking and ordering. Applicants are required to put their personality traits in the order they find best suits them; resulting in the most honest answer.

Spartadia Recruitment is a company focused on finding your organization the best employees around from across the board. Our services provide psychometric testing to keep your company on it’s feet. We work with Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, Careerbuilder and more to make sure your jobs are seen by the most candidates. For more information or to get in touch with us please email us at info@spartadia-recruit.com or fill out this online contact form.